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13 August
Cystic Fibrosis Week


Tuesday 21 August 2012
1.30 pm at the Memorial Hall Supper Room next to the Library on Main St, Otaki.

Speaker: Dr Steven Finlay, CEO of the Cleantech Trust
Refreshment at conclusion

RVSP by 19th August 2012
Tel: (06) 364 8664
E-mail: cab.otaki@xtra.co.nz


Friday 31 August
Cancer Society "Daffodil Day"


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Tararua Family Services

8 Ward Street
PO Box 40
Tel: (06) 374 5029
Fax: (06) 374 5464
E-mail: office.tfs@acw.org.nz

Monday - Friday 9.00am-5.00pm

2 Counsellors - 1 is a community counsellor
1 Family Support Worker / Rural Support Worker (Social Worker)
1 Family Therapist
1 Big Brother Big Sister Coordinator

Who are we...
Tararua Family Services was established in 1993 to help support individuals, couples and families/whanau through the provision of counselling and family support services.
We have a long-standing reputation for providing professional & confidential counselling to children, teenagers, adults and couples.
Counselling is provided by qualified and experienced professionals.   We aim to provide services that are sensitive to culture, ethnicity, gender and age.

Who comes to counselling...
Everyone - children, young people, men, women, parents, couples, individuals with personal issues. Couples with difficulties can come alone or together. With families it is useful to see everyone involved, even though only one person may be the focus of concern

How does counselling work...
It's often helpful to talk things over with an independent person who is not going to put pressure on you. Counselling offers support and strategies for dealing with issues which, left unresolved, can create stress or depression. Experienced counsellors can ask questions to help you think about things in new ways and work with you to reach clearer thinking, more options and perhaps new directions. People find counselling helps them to identify their own strategies for moving their life forward and re-gaining their well-being.

What can we help you with...
Low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, worries and fears, family violence, sexual abuse, grief, stress management, conflict resolution, communication, sexual difficulties, new partners, violence (emotional, physical & sexual), behavioral difficulties, school problems, child access and custody, step-family issues, adjusting to teenagers and parenting.

Home-based Family Support...
Families/Whanau can often experience social or economic difficulties such as living in poverty, social isolation, domestic violence or chronic physical or mental health
Our Family Support Services are based on a belief that every person has the potential to rise above a bad situation.  We all have the inner resources to help turn our lives around.
Motivation is the key to unlocking these strengths and this is at the heart of our work.

How can we help you...
Our Family Support Workers are all trained and experienced professionals. We aim to provide services that are sensitive to culture, ethnicity, gender and age.
Most of the time families/whanau are referred to us from government and other community agencies, schools or health professionals.
However, many families/whanau "self-refer" ie: they've heard about our service and want to make positive changes in the way their family lives and works together.
Our Family Support Workers are linked with families/whanau and will visit you in your home on a regular basis.
After initial discussion and assessment of your needs, an agreement is made specifying the range of support you would like.
The Family Support Worker will assist you and your family/whanau to achieve the outcomes you want and set a realistic timeframe for achieving your goals.

What can we help you with...
Our Family Support Workers help parents and their families/whanau to improve how they handle stressful situations and offer emotional support and practical assistance.
This takes the form of helping to establish and maintain children's routines, advising on alternate ways to parent, advising on age appropriate behaviour and discipline for children, assisting with issues relating to the families health and education.

Empowerment is a key factor. Parents and families are supported in developing skills to manage their own lives.

Family Support Workers can also offer support with a range of other issues that confront families/whanau, including:
family stress, family violence, financial problems, family health, sexual abuse, school problems, child access and custody, advocacy on your behalf

How much does it cost...
As a community-based agency we don't set a fee for our services instead we ask clients to make a donation, which they feel they can afford, towards their counselling time.  All donations are tax deductible. Our receptionist and counsellors can guide you through the donation process.

How to make an appointment...
If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our counsellors just phone Tararua Family Services on (06) 374 5029