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13 August
Cystic Fibrosis Week


Tuesday 21 August 2012
1.30 pm at the Memorial Hall Supper Room next to the Library on Main St, Otaki.

Speaker: Dr Steven Finlay, CEO of the Cleantech Trust
Refreshment at conclusion

RVSP by 19th August 2012
Tel: (06) 364 8664
E-mail: cab.otaki@xtra.co.nz


Friday 31 August
Cancer Society "Daffodil Day"


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Parental Tax Credit

Inland Revenue

Freephone: 0800 227 773 (Free 0800 calling does not apply to cellular calls.)
8.00am to 8.00pm weekdays
9.00am to 1.00pm Saturdays
Website: http://www.ird.govt.nz/yoursituation-ind/parents/parents-parental-tax-credit.html

Please have your IRD number ready so that your files can be located promptly.

What is parental tax credit?
You may qualify for parental tax credit if, during the eight weeks after the child's birth, you and/or your partner did not receive any of the following:
* an income-tested benefit from the Department of Work and Income
* New Zealand Superannuation or veteran's pension
* a student allowance
* weekly accident compensation (for more than three months).

If you did not receive any of these forms of income, the amount of parental tax credit you receive depends on your total family income for the year.

How much is Parental Tax Credit?
You can get up to $1,200 a year for each newborn child. The amount depends on:
* your income
* the number of days your baby was in your care (as the principal childcarer) during its first eight weeks. If your baby is in a neonatal unit, it is still in your care.